CSR Report

CSR Report 2019 (PDF)

About the Cover Design of the CSR Report

We sought to express our stance of contributing to harmony with the earth, environment and people through our lenses.

(1) This report was issued to report on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities being pursued by the Tamron Group to our stakeholders. We have identified issues deemed to be of significant social importance which also have considerable impact on our business, and established them as key issues. We are reporting on progress and specific initiatives with regard to those key issues. When considering the content of the report, we consulted the reporting principles laid out in the GRI Standards (2016) and also referred to the following guidelines.

  ・ISO26000 –Social Responsibility(2010)
  ・Guidance for Collaborative Value Creation
  ・Environmental Report Guidelines(2018 version)
  ・Environmental Accounting Guidelines (2005 version).
  ・Greenhouse Effect Gas Measuring & Reporting Manual Version 4.3.2

(2) This reports covers activities at all the Tamron Group including Tamron Co., Ltd., Tamron Optical (Foshan) Co., Ltd., and overseas sales subsidiary companies (except for some information on environment data and so on).

(3) Period Covered by this Report: January to December 2018

Contact Us: Tamron Co., Ltd., Corporate Business Planning & Administration Board
1385 Hasunuma, Minuma-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 337-8556, JAPAN

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ESG Databook

Please see below for details of data on environment, society and governance.

ESG Databook

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