Integrated Management Policy

As a member of the international optical industry, we will continue to manufacture products that deliver customer satisfaction and help achieve our goal of Contributing to Society by Creating Eyes for Industry, while being considerate of environmental conservation.

  1. 1. We will supply our customers with high quality and reliable products by using our originality, ingenuity and technology, pursuing sustainable development with profits arising out of customer delight and satisfaction.

  2. 2. We will keep abreast of both internal and external issues affecting the company, as well as the needs of employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, so as to maintain an accurate awareness of risks and opportunities.

  3. 3. In running our business, we will comply with all related laws, standards and treaties at home and abroad, respecting the requests and demands made by our customers and the local community.

  4. 4. We will work on preventing environmental contamination, reducing CO2 emissions, as well as reducing waste emissions and the use of harmful chemicals, while seeking alternatives and contributing to the safeguarding of biodiversity.

  5. 5. We will continue to work on improving the effectiveness of our integrated management system.

  6. 6. To achieve this management policy, we will establish specific objectives and targets, periodically evaluating our progress.

  7. 7. To enhance recognition of our integrated management, we will maintain good communications while providing sufficient education and training to all people working for Tamron.

  8. 8. We will closely cooperate with society in all countries and regions where we operate and disclose information to stakeholders as necessary on our quality assurance and environment conservation efforts.

  9. 9. To ensure the company’s smooth operation, without the occurrence of negative impacts on the economy, society or the environment, we will implement preventative actions to the maximum extent possible in line with the company’s Integrated Management System; in the event that a negative impact does occur, we will fulfill our responsibility to society by taking prompt action to mitigate the damage and support recovery efforts, and will also take steps to prevent reoccurrence.

Integrated Management System Certification

Tamron has obtained blanket ISO9001 (quality) and ISO14001 (environment) certification applicable to the entire Tamron Group's integrated management system, including Tamron Optical (Foshan) in China as well as Hirosaki Plant, Namioka Plant and Owani Plant and other sites in Japan. Under this integrated management system, we will continue to produce high quality products that are safe and satisfy our customers, while paying greater attention to the environment.

Tamron is certified with international standards: ISO 9001 for quality and ISO14001 for environmental management at its headquarters, domestic sales offices, China plant as well as three production facilities in Aomori, Japan, and is fully committed to striving for continued and sustainable improvement at all levels and facets of its business operations.