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B001 Special Contents
B001 Lens Technology
Lens Construction
Zoom Simulator
What's Di II ?
Di II Lens ASP-C
* Designed to fit APS-C size imagers in order to reduce its diameter
Image circle for Di-II lenses / Vignetting when used with a full-size format camera

Attempts to design shorter focal lengths inevitably result in a larger lens diameter. TAMRON has solved this problem by designing the size of the lens' image circle to match that of APS-C size imagers. In the compact design, it is almost comparable to a lens offering the same angles of view in full-size format.
* When pictures are taken with a Di-II lens on a full-size format, image corners become dark (ie., vignetting becomes noticeable).
Di II lenses for Nikon are not equipped with aperture rings.
Di II lenses are designed for exclusive use on digital cameras equipped with APS-C sized image sensors. All digital SLR cameras made by Nikon are designed to operate diaphragm of lenses with dials on the camera side, not with aperture rings of lenses. For this reason, Di II lenses, Di II lenses designed for exclusive use on Nikon digital SLR cameras with APS-C sized image sensors do not require aperture rings structurally.