Introduction to production sites


Tamron Headquarters in Minuma-Ku, Saitama-City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Market information and customer requests are collected from all over the world and used in the planning of next-generation products.
Experts with in-depth knowledge are brought together from all development groups to validate new product concepts and innovative ideas. Through repeated simulations and engineering analysis followed by prototyping, designs are finalized. Tooling sets for mass production are designed and fabricated.

Aomori, Japan Production

Factory in Aomori Prefecture, while playing a key role as Tamron‘s ’mother factory’, is also set up to mass produce lenses of all categories.
Lens elements are processed at the Namioka Site and metal processing, assembly, and repairs are undertaken at the Hirosaki Site.
The plants are operated by highly skilled and experienced engineers who are engaged in the fabrication of complex lenses and test plates.

  • Namioka Site
    Namioka Site
  • Hirosaki Site
    Hirosaki Site

Overseas Plants

Tamron has two large-scale overseas production plants.
The Foshan plant in China was established in 1997 to undertake much of Tamron's production. In 2013, the Vietnam plant was established to further expand production capacity.
These two plants maintain the quality and manufacturing technology developed in Japan through close collaboration with the mother plants, and overseas engineer education programs hosted in Japan.

  • China Plant (Tamron Optical Foshan)
    Vietnam Plant (Tamron Optical Vietnam) 
  • Vietnam Plant (Tamron Optical Vietnam)
    China Plant (Tamron Optical Foshan)