March 6, 2018
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Tamron announces the development
of a 30X-zoom Global Shutter Type Camera Module

March 6, 2018, Saitama, Japan - Tamron Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Shiro Ajisaka; Headquarters: Saitama City, Japan), a leading manufacturer of optics for diverse applications, announces the development of a 30X-zoom Global Shutter Type Camera Module.

General camera modules employ a 'rolling shutter CMOS sensor' for the imager, which tends to cause artifacts for imaging objects in quick motion.
Tamron, considering this issue, adopts a 'global shutter CMOS image sensor' for camera modules. This structure of sensor outputs images free of imaging artifacts for quick motion and is utilized in FA/machine vision cameras.
The new development offers customers a '30X-zoom Global Shutter Type Camera Module with a global shutter CMOS image sensor', with image fidelity assured by a high-quality optical 30X zoom and compatible with full HD resolution.

Product photo Shooting date: March 2, 2018

Product Information

  1. 1. Performance Realized by a Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor

    A 'rolling shutter CMOS sensor', as employed in general camera modules, captures target images sequentially from upper to lower scan-lines; artifacts are incurred on fast-moving objects (focal plane distortion) due to the sequential delay to run each scan. A 'global shutter CMOS image sensor' allows capturing target images without this artifact by running scan on all the scan-lines simultaneously.

    Excellent image rendition of fast moving objects is most effectively demonstrated in applications such as the recognition of vehicle license plate, or in which cameras are mounted on mobile objects such as drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

    Global shutter image (sample)
    Rolling shutter image (sample)
  2. 2. High-quality Camera Compatible with Full HD Resolution

    1920 x 1080 60 fps, uncompressed Full HD image output is supported.

  3. 3. Use of High-power Zoom Lens

    High-fidelity image quality is assured by an optical 30X-zoom lens.

Please: See here for sample images


Model MP2030M-GS
Image Sensor 1/1.8-type global shutter CMOS
Video Output Full HD 1920 x1080
Lens 30x Optical Zoom
Horizontal Viewing Angle (wide to tele) 60 ° - 2.5 °
Digital Output Digital: Y/Pb/Pr 4:2:2 (LVDS)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 56 x 61 x 124 mm
Weight Approx. 360g