December 10, 2021
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Notice of discontinuation FA/Machine vision Lens

Tamron, with unrelenting commitment to delivering high-value products,
cordially appreciates distinguished support provided by customers.

For alignment of Tamron product portfolio, production of products listed below will be discontinued, and sales will be completed as soon as the existing inventory stocks are depleted.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support of Tamron products.

Products that complete production Model No. Specifications Alternative Product
M111FM08 1.1" 8mm F/1.8 12MP - -
M111FM16 1.1" 16mm F/1.8 12MP MA111F16VIR 1.1" 16mm F/2.8 24MP
M111FM25 1.1" 25mm F/1.8 12MP MA111F25VIR 1.1" 25mm F/2.8 24MP
M111FM50 1.1" 50mm F/1.8 12MP MA111F50VIR 1.1" 50mm F/2.8 24MP
M23FM06 2/3" 6mm F/1.8 6MP M112FM06 1/1.2"&2/3" 6mm F/2.8 5MP
M23FM08 2/3" 8mm F/1.8 6MP M112FM08 or MA23F08V 1/1.2"&2/3" 8mm F/2.4 5MP or 2/3" 8mm F/2.4 8MP
M23FM12 2/3" 12mm F/1.8 6MP M112FM12 1/1.2"&2/3" 12mm F/2.0 5MP
M23FM16 2/3" 16mm F/1.8 6MP M112FM16 1/1.2"&2/3" 16mm F/2.0 5MP
M23FM25 2/3" 25mm F/1.8 6MP M112FM25 or MA23F25V 1/1.2"&2/3" 25mm F/1.8 5MP or 2/3" 25mm F/2.4 8MP
M23FM35 2/3" 35mm F/1.8 6MP M112FM35 or MA23F35V 1/1.2"&2/3" 35mm F/2.1 5MP or 2/3" 35mm F/2.4 8MP
M23FM50 2/3" 50mm F/2.8 6MP M112FM50 1/1.2"&2/3" 50mm F/2.8 5MP
Time of sales completion 2022/12*
*Sales will be discontinued as soon as the existing inventory stocks are depleted