May 9, 2022
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Market-launch Announcement of
Three New Models of Compact φ29mm Machine-Vision Lenses
Compatible with 2/3” Imagers and 8-Mega Pixel Resolution
Expansion of the MA23F Fixed-Focal Lens Series for Machine Vision

2/3” 12mm F/2.4 (Model: MA23F12V)
2/3” 16mm F/2.4 (Model: MA23F16V)
2/3” 50mm F/2.8 (Model: MA23F50V)

May 9, 2022, Saitama, Japan - Tamron Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Shiro Ajisaka; Headquarters: Saitama City, Japan), a leading manufacturer of optics for diverse applications, announces the market-launch of three new models of an industry-standard* φ29mm compact-size fixed-focal lenses for machine vision, compatible with 2/3” imagers and 8-mega pixel high resolution, Model MA23F12V (focal length 12mm), MA23F16V (16mm), and MA23F50V (50mm) on May 10, 2022. In addition of the currently available three models— Model MA23F08V (focal length 8mm), MA23F25V (25mm), and MA23F35V (35mm)— the new MA23F Series of 2/3” 8-mega pixel machine-vision lenses offers a total of six different focal lengths ideal for a wide range of applications.

Model: MA23F12V
Model: MA23F12V
Model: MA23F16V
Model: MA23F16V
Model: MA23F50V
Model: MA23F50V

*In machine-vision camera lenses compatible with 2/3” imagers and supporting 8-mega pixel resolution.
(a survey conducted by Tamron, effective as of May, 2022)

DATE OF LAUNCH May 10, 2022

Mega-pixel cameras used in machine-vision applications including production equipment, substrate mounting equipment, various test equipment, and various engineering machines, are migrating toward higher resolution. Due to the accelerating speed of integration and miniaturization of semiconductor and electrical components, higher definition and resolution are required for the inspection of these devices.

To meet these demands, Tamron expands the currently available portfolio of 2/3” 8-mega pixel machine-vision lens (MA23F Series) by introducing three new models: Model MA23F12V (focal length 12mm), MA23F16V (16mm), and MA23F50V (50mm).
The new MA23F Series of 2/3” 8-mega pixel machine-vision lenses now offers six different focal lengths:8mm F/2.4, 12mm F/2.4, 16mm F/2.4, 25mm F/2.4, 35mm F/2.4, and 50mm F/2.8 for a wide range of applications.

Compactly designed with an outer diameter φ29mm, the new MA23F Series lenses are an optimum choice for machine-vision installations that are limited in space and in need of improved anti-vibration and anti-shock protection.

MA23F Series Lineup
MA23F Series Lineup

Tamron continues development of industry-leading high-resolution fixed-focal lenses that address customers’ critical requirements and needs in all machine-vision applications and pursues optical performance that assures distinguished fidelity in image details, and excellent user utility.


  1. 1. Unrivaled High Resolution and Contrast in the Industry

    The new models are compatible with 2/3” imagers, supporting 2.74μm pixel-pitch and max 8-mega pixel resolution, offering resolution and contrast outperforming other φ29mm machine-vision lenses.

    <Imager Size Example>
    Imager Size Example
  2. 2. Industry-leading Low Distortion (TV Distortion)

    Tamron’s state-of-the-art optics technology significantly reduces TV distortion compared with the previous models.
    Specification: MA23F12V: 0.4% / MA23F16V: -0.05% / MA23F50V: 0.05%

  3. 3. High-Quality Performance at Close-up Distances

    A new comprehensive lens design assures high contrast and resolution at commonly-used close-up distances.

  4. 4. Rigorous Inspection of Image Quality

    Thorough inspection is performed on the imaging resolution from the center to the periphery, warranting high-contrast and high-resolution without unbalanced blurring throughout the entire lens view.

  5. 5. New Robust Mechanism for Anti-Vibration and Anti-Shock

    A newly designed mechanism improves on anti-vibration and anti-shock performance compared with previous models, limiting the optical (image) deflection to less than 10μm under severe impact of vibrations and shocks of max 10G of magnitude.
    *<Compliant with IEC 60068-2-6 / JIS C 60068-2-6>
    Vibration frequency 10-60Hz(amplitude 0.75mm), vibration frequency 60-500Hz(acceleration 100m/S2).

  6. 6. A Common-use Setscrew is Attached as a Standard Accessory

    A lock-screw that comes with the models can be replaced with an embedding-type setscrew. This further reduces the overall diameter of the lens barrel for further compact installation.


Model Number MA23F12V MA23F16V MA23F50V
Imager Size 2/3" 2/3" 2/3"
Mount Type C C C
Focal Length 12mm 16mm 50mm
Aperture Range F/2.4 ~ 16 F/2.4 ~ 16 F/2.8 ~ 16
Field of View
(H x V)
2/3 (1:1) 36.0°x 36.0° 27.0°x 27.0° 7.5°x 7.5°
2/3 (4:3) 40.2°x 30.6° 30.2°x 22.8° 8.4°x 6.4°
Focusing Range 0.1m ~ ∞ 0.1m ~ ∞ 0.3m ~ ∞
Operation Focus With manual lock With manual lock With manual lock
Iris With manual lock With manual lock With manual lock
Filter Size M27 P=0.5mm M27 P=0.5mm M27 P=0.5mm
Wave-Length Visible-light Visible-light Visible-light
TV Distortion 0.4% -0.05% 0.05%
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ ~ +60℃ -20℃ ~ +60℃ -20℃ ~ +60℃