Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Statements of Income

(unit: millions of yen)
Net sales57,53963,445
Cost of sales34,33235,822
Gross profit23,20727,623
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Advertising expenses538474
Promotion expenses492195
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts80
Salaries and bonuses4,2774,464
Retirement benefit expenses121107
Share-based payment expenses113103
Technical research expenses5,0285,398
Total selling, general and administrative expenses15,79816,584
Operating profit7,40811,038
Non-operating income
Interest income2641
Dividend income4886
Rental income14-
Foreign exchange gains-215
Subsidy income110121
Total non-operating income401793
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses1838
Foreign exchange losses92-
Loss on retirement of non-current assets67130
Total non-operating expenses278334
Ordinary profit7,53111,496
Extraordinary losses
Impairment losses112-
Total extraordinary losses112-
Profit before income taxes7,41811,496
Income taxes - current2,1963,122
Income taxes - deferred4923
Total income taxes2,2453,146
Profit attributable to owners of parent5,1738,350