Design ConceptDesign Concept

Design Concept

Quality Form and Function Born<br>from a Higher StandardQuality Form and Function Born<br>from a Higher Standard
Quality Form and Function Born
from a Higher Standard
In the past, we developed the new lens design with a premise to raise the standard for how a lens should be, to maintain the same progressive rate of advancement in the high-resolution standards of today’s digital cameras.
Our journey has not ended. Reviewing each part and component down to the finest details, we continue to pursue the development of the best products, and now our lens design is renewed again. The intelligent design features and mechanisms reflect our new standard that can be felt in both operation and tactile presentation.
As a result, these features will fluidly interpret the photographer’s instincts to the lens to actualize the photographer’s inspiration.
Engineered for Human Touch
The precision mechanics and engineering inside of the lens are encased in a robust barrel frame, contrasted by its texture, color tones, and lines have been engineered to create a warm, personable effect on the surface. That’s why the lens exterior in the new sculpted shape glows with a dignified presence, offering subtle changes in different lighting.
Adding these subtle, human elements into the new series lenses is our way to instill in the photographer a sense of trust and reliability through the experience – the essentials for any long-term partnership.
Engineered for Human TouchEngineered for Human Touch
The warm, captivating glow of the luminous gold ring accentuates the new series lenses, distinguishing itself as a symbol of excellence in engineering and design and marking our commitment to deliver joy and to inspire creativity.
Design Engineer Interview
Takram Japan Inc.Kinya Tagawa
Design Engineer InterviewDesign Engineer Interview
A New Human Shape
for TAMRON lenses
“an unprecedented design for a new lens”“an unprecedented design for a new lens”

It all began with a single motivation, “an unprecedented design for a new lens”. We first interviewed TAMRON’s senior management and design engineers, both in Japan and overseas. This led us to the realization that a simple new product design wasn’t the answer. Instead, we were looking at a design that expressed the new direction TAMRON was taking.

We are “design engineers” that merge new technology with tangible design. While TAMRON’s lens design represents cutting-edge technology, it also symbolizes the relationship between TAMRON and the people who hold, use, and experience the lens. We feel it’s this human element that will bring TAMRON’s new series lenses into the hearts of the consumer.

We gave specific attention to the ring, which has historically been a symbol for the TAMRON products. In ancient civilizations, rings were amulets to protect the joints, and people often wore them on their fingers, arms, and necks. Even today, they act as a symbol of one’s commitment to the relationship of marriage.

So, we chose to design the ring around this concept of relationship, connecting the lens to the camera. The design process extended beyond form into function. As we developed the designs along with the internal design team at TAMRON, precise mechanical adjustments were required to deliver a truly visceral user experience. All new series lenses will boast the TAMRON ring — a new symbol for the new face of TAMRON.

a new symbol for the new face of TAMRON.a new symbol for the new face of TAMRON.
we designed this lens to be user-friendly.we designed this lens to be user-friendly.

We gave the new design for an intimate and familiar feel. We crafted the barrel to counterpoint the optical quality and performance. We enlarged switches for easy handling and a supple response. We also thoroughly redesigned all lettering for easy-to-see functions. Overall, we designed this lens to be user-friendly.

This lens represents a new relationship between their customer and TAMRON, and we designed it to deliver an unparalleled experience, triggered by human touch. You feel this in the design.

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