Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Investor FAQs

QWhen was TAMRON established?
ANovember, 1950. Please refer to History of Tamron page.
QPlease tell me about the company's profile?
APlease refer to About Tamron page.
QCan you tell me about the main product?
APlease refer to Product Information page.
QWhat do you do for corporate governance?
APlease refer to Corporate Governance page.
QPlease tell me the schedule of financial results announcement.
AFinancial results are announced every quarter. Please refer to IR Calendar page.
QWhen is the accounting period?
ADecember 31 every year. Financial results are announced every quarter.
QWhich accounting standards are used?
AJapanese GAAP
QI would like to know the trends of latest performance.
APlease refer to Financial Highlights page.

QCan you tell me the risk factors?
APlease refer to Business & Other Risks page.
QI would like to see management indicators.
APlease refer to Management Indices page.

QI would like to see materials on the financial statements and IR information.
APlease refer to IR Library page.

QIs the trading unit several shares?
A100 shares
QWhere is the stock traded?
APrime market, Tokyo Stock Exchange
QPlease tell me your security code and industrial classification?
ASecurity code is 7740. Industry is precision equipment.
QWhen is a General Shareholders Meeting?
AAnnual general meeting is held in late March every year.
For details, please see the Shareholders' Meeting page.
Please refer to the IR calendar page for the schedule.
QCan I exercise voting rights via the Internet?
AYes. Please refer to Notice of Convocation of Shareholders' Meeting.
QPlease tell me stock distribution.
APlease refer to Shareholder Information page.
QPlease tell me transfer agent.
ASumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited.
QWould you tell me about shareholder incentives and dividends?
APlease refer to Distribution of Profits page.
QWhen are dividends paid?
AIn general, the interim dividend pays in early September, and the year-end dividend pays in late March after the shareholders meeting. Please refer to Shareholder Information page.