Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Medium Term Management Plan

Issues on Mid-to Long-Term Management

1. Accelerate the global expansion of existing businesses; capture demand in emerging markets, placing stronger priority on greater Asia; improve profitability and strengthen our business foundation.

2. We will enhance our marketing, product planning and sales capabilities, provide exciting products based on market trends and a user perspective, and work to expand our business through increased market share and other approaches with sales strategies adapted for each market.

3. Besides expanding existing businesses, we will step up the creation of new businesses through enhanced marketing focused on the "resolution of social issues" in line with the guiding principles of the SDGs, and collaborative creation, including through M&A.

4. To respond to severe changes to the external environment, we will reinforce our development structure in China, work to shorten lead times from development to mass production, and deliver new products that meet customer needs in each market in a timely fashion.

5. Construct a global trilateral system for efficient production and promote increased productivity and cost reductions through smart factory automation, labor saving and manpower saving, among other means, with the fourth industrial revolution in mind.

6. In addition to the development of component technologies, especially the Company's core optical technologies, focus on research and development in new technical fields, the joint creation of new values and other horizontal operations among multiple companies (including collaboration among government, industry and academia).

7. Realize sustainable growth by strengthening corporate governance to enhance the effectiveness of strategies/tactics.

8. Create a workplace environment where all employees can maximize their potential, in order to improve work-life balance, promote diversity, and develop employee talent.

9. Curtail greenhouse gas emissions and promote recycling as climate change countermeasures to help achieve a sustainable global environment.

Mid-Term Management Plan ”Vision23”

The Group formulated the Medium Term Management Plan for the period until the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023 and aims to achieve its targets. The Group also set an ROE target in consideration of the capital cost and other factors.

Role of Mid-Term Management Plan”Vision23”

Basic Policy

  • Executing investments and allocation of resources for dramatic progress.
  • Building business foundations that will enable sustainable growth.
  • Medium Term Management PlanFY18 to FY20

    • Improve Profitability of core business
    • Expand business in growing fields
    • Improvement of corporate constitution
  • New Mid-Term Management Plan"Vision23"FY21 to FY23

    • Portfolio optimization
    • Development & growth of New business
    • Establish a functional strategy
    • Development of human resources & Activate the organization
  • Next Mid-Term Management PlanFY24~

    As a result of "Vision23",progress forward and increase corporate value

    • Realize well-balanced business category structure
    • Contribution for society with New business

Basic Strategy of ”Vision23”

Business Strategy

Optimization of the business portfolio Change of disclosure segment
  • Photographic lenses

    • Maintaining high profitability as a core business
    • Expand lineup with focusing on mirrorless lens.
    • Quick conform to new format.
    • Increase in-store share in OEM
  • Surveillance & FA Lenses

    • Increase sales and profits as the second core business
    • Expand New technology business(include SWIR) and module business to establish a position in the huge Chinese market.
    • Start OEM business in FA lenses and increasing market share.
  • Mobility & Healthcare Products, Others

    • Launch of next-generation core business
    • aunch of New Category business
    • Strengthen Automotive sensing business and develop new costumers.
    • Get on track medical business and expand share in healthcare market.

Establish a business foundation for sustainable growth

Function Strategy

  • Production / Procurement

    • Reform of production system.
    • Promoting of "Smart Factory"
    • Increase automation, in-house production, local procurement and narrow down of suppliers.
    • Accumulation of high-precision machining and production technology.
  • Marketing / Sales

    • Evolution of the marketing function by taking advantage of global sales network
    • Transform each sales company to operate autonomously.
    • Discover global needs and strengthen cooperation between groups.
  • R&D

    • Advancement of optical and elemental technologies
    • Increase productivity and quality of product development
    • Excavation of seeds and strengthen its development
    • Utilization of open innovation

Strengthen management resources for improving corporate value

  • Financial structure / Strategic Investment

  • IT Renewal / DX Promotion

  • Human resource / human management system

  • ESG

Financial Target of ”Vision23”

Target of "Vision23" by Segment

Sustainability and ESG Initiatives The Value Creation Process

Sustainability and ESG Initiatives The Value Creation Process

Sustainability and ESG Initiatives The Value Creation Process

Tamron creates emotion and reassurance through its mastery of light, contributing to the realization of a fulfilling society.

The Value Creation Process(Sustainability)

Progress of the Vision23 Mid-Term Management Plan