Statements of Income

(unit: millions of yen)
Net sales63,28548,375
Cost of sales39,05630,004
Gross profit24,22918,370
Selling, general and administrative expenses
Advertising expenses764466
Promotion expenses594398
Provision of allowance for doubtful accounts43-5
Salaries and bonuses4,3403,971
Retirement benefit expenses147141
Share-based remuneration expenses11292
Technical research expenses5,2484,687
Amortization of goodwill-220
Total selling, general and administrative expenses17,24614,794
Operating profit6,9823,575
Non-operating income
Interest income9235
Dividend income6048
Rental income1214
Subsidy income219300
Subsidies for employment adjustment-246
Total non-operating income621836
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses4433
Foreign exchange losses12365
Loss on retirement of non-current assets53230
Total non-operating expenses201662
Ordinary profit7,4033,750
Extraordinary losses
Impairment loss-19
Extra retirement payments-844
Total extraordinary losses-864
Profit before income taxes7,4032,885
Income taxes - current1,815908
Income taxes - deferred25718
Total income taxes2,072927
Profit attributable to owners of parent5,3301,958