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You can update your compatible Tamron lens firmware to the latest version by attaching the TAP-in Console using the dedicated TAP-in Utility software program (hereinafter referred to as "this software program"). You can also make various adjustments and customize the lens to your preference and update the firmware on the TAP-in Console as needed.

What you can do with the TAP-in Utility

◎Update firmware
By connecting to the designated website, you can update to the latest version of the firmware for both the TAP-in Console and the lens connected to it.

◎Lens adjustments and customizing functions

  • 1) According to your preference, you can make focus adjustments for 3 regions for object distance and 8 regions for focal length (single region in the case of a fixed focal lens) respectively, up to a total of 24 regions by choosing from a matrix of focus distance and the focal length.
  • 2) For any lens with a focus distance limiter switch, you can adjust the drive range according to your preference.
  • 3) For any lens with a full-time manual focus override system, you can set the system to ON or OFF. According to your preference, you can optimize the sensitivity of the focus ring relative to the angular rotation of the ring by setting the Manual Focus Mode Menu button to ON.
  • 4) For any lens equipped with the VC system, you can choose a mode switch to either “viewfinder image prioritized” or “capturing image prioritized” to match your shooting conditions.*
*The conditions and scope possible for adjustment and customization differ according to each lens. For more details, please refer to the List of Compatible Lenses. List of compatible lenses>>>

+ Please confirm the following:
This is a dedicated software program for use with the TAMRON TAP-in Console (peripheral product).

To use the TAP-in Console, connect it to your computer with the supplied USB cable, and attach the Console to the mount of your compatible lens.

To update lens firmware, make adjustments, and customize by using this software program, you must first connect the computer with the TAP-in Console mounted to a compatible lens, then connect to the designated website.

The TAP-in Console is designed exclusively for each lens mount, so please use the Console that is compatible with your lens. You cannot use the TAP-in Console unless the mount model matches that of a compatible lens. This also applies if you're using a mount conversion adaptor.

Note: You cannot use the TAP-in Console with any incompatible Tamron lens or any lens made by another camera manufacturer. To find the right compatible Tamron lenses and applicable functions, please refer to the List of Compatible Lenses. List of compatible lenses>>>

About the TAP-in Console

1. Name of each part

1. Name of each part
  • ① USB cable port
  • ② Lens Release button
  • ③ Lens mount
  • ④ Lens mounting index
  • ⑤ Signal contact
  • ⑥ LED lamp

2. Included items
 USB cable
 Mount cap
 Instruction manual
 Safety precautions

3. Cautions for using the TAP-in Console

  • 1) Please be sure to read the Safety Precautions included in the product package.
  • 2)Do not touch the signal contact with your hands. Oil from fingers, or dust, dirt, etc. may impede the signal transfer between the TAP-in Console and the lens.
  • 3)Please use only the included USB cable.
  • 4)Do not attach the unit to any lens other than a compatible lens or to any mount cap other than the one included in the package. This also applies if you are using a mount conversion adapter.
  • 5)When cleaning the TAP-in Console, please use a silicon cloth. NEVER use an organic solvent, such as benzene or thinner.
  • 6)Please be sure to read the User's Manual for the lens you'll be connecting to the TAP-in Console.

Product information [English Page] >>>

Important notes about using this software program (Please note the following when using this software program.)

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