TAMRON TAP-in Console TAMRON TAP-in Utility Online Help

TAP-in Utility Screen

  • ① Menu bar
    Operate various buttons, display Online Help, and exit the program by choosing from the menu.

  • ② Lens information panel
    This displays specific information on the connected lens.

  • ③ Firmware Updating button
    If a newer version of the lens firmware connected to the TAP-in Console is available, the update will be executed.

  • ④ Tab for choosing the customization setup panel
    To customize setups, click to open the appropriate panel.

  • ⑤ Customization setup panel
    Customize various setups for the lens here.

  • ⑥ Help button
    With a click, the Web browser displays Online Help.

  • ⑦ Customized Setup Read/Save button
    Read customized setup data or save it to the computer.

  • ⑧ Customized Reset button
    Reset the customized lens setup(s) to factory default value.

  • ⑨ Customized Setup Write button
    Write customized setup data onto the lens.


・When the lens firmware is updated, the customized data is reset to factory default mode.

・Clicking the Customized Data Reset button resets all customized data to factory default values.

・Clicking the Customized Data Write button writes not only the data on the setup panel selected from the screen tab, but also all customized data.

Before writing or resetting any customized data or updating lens firmware, we recommend saving your customized data.