President & CEO Message

Shiro Ajisaka

Focus on the Future
Contribute to achieving a fulfilling society through advanced optical technologies

TAMRON is one of only few comprehensive optics manufacturers in the world with an integrated business system that includes everything from R&D to planning, design, production, sales, and support with a global reach.
For more than 70 years since our founding in 1950, we have continued to pursue advanced optical technologies and pursue technological innovations to create unique, groundbreaking products that represent industry and world firsts.

Even today, when both the internal and external environments are changing drastically, it is essential for our sustainable growth to maximize our existing businesses as well as draw up growth strategies for the future to cultivate new businesses. We believe TAMRON’s social mission is to bring excitement and reassurance to all stakeholders through our products that address social issues and to contribute to achieving a fulfilling society.

The TAMRON Group continues to pursue advanced optical technologies and combine innovation with technological prowess to develop and supply high-quality products that customers trust. Moreover, we will work to help solve social issues through our business, aiming to become a company that contributes to achieving a sustainable society and that is respected and truly needed.

Shogo Sakuraba

President & CEO