Top Message

Shogo Sakuraba

Achieve a sustainable society and sustainable growth for TAMRON by realizing our social mission

Based on its corporate mission of “creating emotion and reassurance through its mastery of light, contributing to the realization of a fulfilling society,” TAMRON aims to realize the sustainable society described in the SDGs together with all stakeholders.

In a rapidly changing social landscape, what TAMRON continues to pursue is to help shape a fulfilling society through optical products.
Our social mission is to bring excitement and reassurance to all stakeholders through mastering optical technologies and products that address social issues. We believe that our sustainability is to achieve a sustainable society and growth for the company by realizing this mission.

For us to achieve sustainable growth, it is essential to deepen and maximize our existing businesses and enhance the creation and development of new businesses.
To this end, it is necessary to focus on people as the source of value creation and develop a working environment where individuals and organizations can be active and fully demonstrate their potential.

Our aim is to be a company offering a rewarding environment where each employee can demonstrate their creativity, delivering employee happiness. We will achieve a sustainable society and sustainable growth for the company by realizing our social mission.

Shogo Sakuraba

President & CEO