Environmental Vision 2050

To build a fulfilling society, Tamron formulated Environmental Vision 2050, which outlines the long-term direction of Tamron's environmental initiatives.

In light of trends in climate change due to global warming in recent years, Tamron has formulated Environmental Vision2050. To build a fulfilling society, we will engage in activities to achieve three visions, a decarbonized society, a resource recycling society and a society that exists in harmony with nature.


●Policies and measures to achieve a decarbonized society

  • Promote energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions generated by air conditioning equipment and the product manufacturing process
  • Promote the introduction of renewable energies

●Policies and measures to achieve a resource recycling society

  • Work to reduce and recycle waste, and contribute to the reduction of ocean plastic pollution
    (business sites: reduce waste plastic, products: use recycled materials for packaging plastics and reduce volume)
  • Work to reduce water consumption and recycle water

●Policies and measures to achieve a society in harmony with the environment

  • Strive to preserve biodiversity through coordination and collaboration with local communities
  • Endeavor to reduce harmful chemical substances and implement appropriate management