Information regarding the use of cookies

Scope of personal data processed

On various sites, TAMRON use cookies in order to facilitate the use of certain functions of our website. Cookies are small text files that your browser can store on your computer. These text files contain a string of characters that allow the browser to be clearly identified when our website is accessed subsequently. The process of storing a cookie is also called ‘setting a cookie’.

Legal basis for processing personal data

Our legitimate interest consists of maintaining the full functionality of our website, increasing its operability, and facilitating an individual client approach. The identification of individual website visitors using cookie technology is only possible if the visitor has previously given us the corresponding personal data on the basis of a separate agreement.

Objective of data processing

Cookies are set by our website in order to maintain the functionality of our website and increasing its operability. Furthermore, cookie technology allows us to identify individual visitors using pseudonyms, i.e. an individual, random ID, making it possible to offer a more personalized service.

Duration of data retention

Our cookies are stored until they are erased in your browser or, in the case of a session cookie, until the session has ended.

Procedures for appeal and elimination If you so desire, you can adjust your browser such that you generally prevent cookies from being set and are only informed about them, or decide on whether to accept cookies on a case-by-case basis, or always accept cookies. Cookies can be set for different purposes, e.g. to recognize that your computer has already made a connection to our web offerings (persistent cookies) or to save the last offers you saw (session cookies). We use cookies to offer you increased user convenience. To use our convenience features, we recommend that you allow cookies to be accepted for our web content.