Control Systems

  • Dual MPU provides precise AF performance and consistent powerful VC image stabilization

    Dual MPU is a micro processing unit incorporating two different microchips. Two separate processor units mean that digital signals from the VC image stabilization and autofocus are processed separately at maximum speed. This means, for example, that commands from the camera and AF motor can be interpreted at lightning speed and implemented precisely.

  • TAMRON's unique VC mechanism effectively minimizes the effect of camera-shake and delivers a stable viewfinder image

    TAMRON's unique VC mechanism uses a proprietary actuator and algorithms to deliver an extremely stable viewfinder image with excellent tracking by minimizing the effect of camera-shake, when shooting handheld under low-light conditions such as indoor or when shooting at night. It effectively reduces the degradation of picture quality.
    The mechanism uses a three-coil system to electromagnetically drive the lens element that compensates for vibration, which glides smoothly on three balls with little friction. This simple mechanical structure is one of the secrets to TAMRON's compact lenses.
    Also, the latest lenses applies AI technologies, that the lenses will choose the compensation characteristic for videography.

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