Optical Design & Engineering R&D

TAMRON develops lenses for photo, surveillance, automotive, medical, and thermal camera, etc. designs optics for a wide variey of ranges of wavelength.
In response to the ever-evolving performance of image sensors (CMOS) and new applications and demands, we utilize the know-how based on the optical technology and various design methods and evaluation methods that we have cultivated so far, and the shape, material, and number of lenses. From innumerable combinations of, placement, coating, etc., we find the optimum solution such as optical performance and size, which leads to product development that meets the needs of the market. TAMRON also develops various technologies such as simulation of optical performance for more advanced design, equipment development for difficult assembly, optical component evaluation equipment that supports processing technology, and development of optical evaluation equipment.
In addition to the development of imaging lenses, we are also developing lighting technology and optical technology that utilizes lasers.
Through this series of developments, we will continue to take on the challenge of solving future social issues and creating new value for light.