Photographing lens design technology capable of covering wide band

Optics technology corresponding to wide band (from visible to SWIR)

  • Optics technology corresponding to wide band (from visible to SWIR)
  • Highly functional spectrum cameras are widely used in various applications such as industry, agriculture, analysis, biology and remote sensing as image sensors having light reception sensitivity covering wide band from visible to SWIR have advanced to the practical stage.

    Utilizing SWIR range, available applications such as inspection, control and material identification are extended, and has greatly contributed to the efficiency and labor saving.

    Tamron has developed new lens enabling to shoot visible to SWIR. With axial chromatic aberration correction technology corresponding to wide band, focus deviation to different wavelengths is suppressed to the limit and an image shooting is obtained without degrading resolution.

    Furthermore, Tamron has the anti-reflection coating technology having high-transmittance from visible to SWIR.

    Utilizing the coating technology, bright and clear image, without focus adjustment, can be obtained in the entire wavelength region.


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