Optical Technology for High-Power Laser

Transmission & processing technology development for laser

  • Laser Processing Head
  • High-power laser is used in a wide range of areas, including welding, cutting, cleaning, marking, and 3D printing, and requires processing technology customized to each application. As requirements for laser beam quality become more and more sophisticated, stable beam profile control has become more than ever important.
    Tamron has developed laser processing technologies for various laser applications with uses of unique lens materials and shapes such as axicon lenses using fused silica glass which significantly contributes to the realization of stable beam quality. Depending on the application requirements, high-quality beam profiles can be achieved, such as Gaussian, top-hat, and dual beam lasers consisting of a center beam and a ring beam.
    In addition, research and development of new technologies such as laser wireless energy transmission and optical wireless power transfer are progressing which is used in supplying power over long distances using laser light, and the applications of optical technology for lasers are expected to increase in coming years.

Opto-Science R&D