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TAMRON Lens Utility™

  • A behind-the-scenes movie

  • Mokkun

    Born in 1987. Grew up in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Has received numerous awards for photography and video, including Grand Prize in Tokyo Photo Salon All Tokyo Photo Federation Awards, Japan Photographer Award, 6th place in the Japan category of SWPA (Sony World Photography Awards), and the ST Grand Prize in the Japan category of the Japan World's Tourism Film Festival. He has been actively involved in the industry, including two appearances in overseas magazines. On the photography oriented YouTube Channel "Camera-no-Mokkun," he publishes photography how-to equipment reviews.

  • A-B Focus

    Lets you smoothly and easily shift focus from one subject to another
    This function allows you to shift focus at a preset speed, as is frequently done when recording video. Get exactly the kind of visual expression you want, for example, by slowly shifting the focus from a distant subject to one closer to you, or by guiding the gaze of the person viewing the video. Use the Focus Set Button or Remote Set Button to record two preset focal points in advance. Afterwards, a simple press allows you to shoot while moving focus automatically and at a set speed; you don't have to worry about the speed blur associated with manual focus, and you can achieve stable visual expression.

  • Focus Preset

    Move focus to a prerecorded focal point with one press
    This function allows you to preset focal points, for example, to deliberately defocus a subject during a video transition or to access a focal point for night photography. You can set the focus travel time when recording video. You can also set focus on a preset focal point at maximum speed with a single press when taking still photographs. This feature broadens the range of your visual expression.

  • [NEW] Focus Stopper

    Focus range can be set with the lens alone during movie recording
    Limit the MF travel range between any two focal points that have been recorded beforehand. It is easy to change and set the position of the focus stopper, you can create images without worry about 「Over Passing」the focal point.

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  • Focus Stopper
  • [NEW] Astro Focus Lock (Astro FC-L)

    Function to support focusing for astrpphotography
    Focal Point will automatically be fixed at infinity to assist you in finding the focus point for astrophotography.
    *The focus ring will be disabled until Astro FC-L is released to prevent focus deviation due to incorrect operation.

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  • Astro FC-L
  • Focus Limiter

    Choose the focus search range to best suit your photography situation
    The Focus Limiter helps you to avoid accidental focus on a subject, for example when there is something located in front of your subject.
    By limiting the focus range, when the focus moves unintentionally you can quickly focus back to your subject again.

    TAMRON's unique functions
    - Focus search range between Full <=> Limit can be switched easily by pressing the Focus Set Button
    - There are choices to momentarily limit or free the focus search range
    - Focus limit distance setting can be customized to suite your needs (* Limit settings will differ between lenses with this feature)

    * Please download and use the latest version of the software.

  • Focus Limiter
  • Focus Ring Function Setting

    Makes manual focus easier to use
    [MF Method]
    This function adjusts focus movement when using manual focus. You can choose between "Non-linear," where the amount of focal point movement changes based on how fast you rotate the focus ring, and "Linear," where the focal point moves based on how much you rotate the focus ring. Some lenses allow users to adjust rotation as well, to offer more personalization.

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    [MF Ring Rotation]
    This function changes the direction the focus ring rotates during manual focus.

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  • Focus Ring Function Setting
  • Select AF/MF

    Switch between Autofocus and Manual Focus
    This function switches between AF and MF using the Focus Set Button on lenses that lack an AF/MF switch. This makes operation easier when shooting scenes that require frequent use of AF/MF switching.

  • Select AF/MF
  • Other Functions:

    Ring Function (Focus/Aperture)
    Switch function from focus adjustment to aperture adjustment

    This changes the Focus Ring Function from focus adjustment to aperture adjustment using the Focus Set Button.

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    Assign Function from the Camera
    Functions of the camera body can be assigned to the Focus Set Button

    This reassigns the Focus Set Button to activate the function that you assign to it via the camera body.

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  • Other Functions:
  • Firmware Updates

    Update lens to the latest firmware version
    You can update the firmware of the lens to the latest version by yourself.

    * Please note that lens firmware cannot be updated via the camera or the smartphone. All firmware updates, for lenses that have a Connector Port, are available via the PC version of the TAMRON Lens Utility only.

  • Firmware Updates
Download for Android OS

*For the Mobile version, please refer to the Help within the application.

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