TAMRON Lens UtilityTM Online Help

Before Starting

TAMRON Lens Utility compatible lenses differ in what they can do depending on whether they have Custom Switches or Focus Set Buttons.
Check the table below for a list of compatible lenses.

* Click for TAMRON Lens Utility Compatible Lens List >>
Home Menu Custom
Set Button
What you can do

- Custom Switch 1, 2 and 3 can be customized individually.
- Focus Ring can be customized.

- One function can be assigned to Focus Set Button.
- Focus Ring can be customized.

- Focus Ring can be customized.

Save or Load Customized Data to/from File

You can save customized data as files on your computer and recall them later.


To save customized data, click [Save Current Settings]. When the dialog box "Save as" appears, choose the folder for saving data, enter a file name, and save.


To load a saved file containing customized data, click [Load Settings]. When the dialog box "Open a file" appears, choose the file you want to load and open it.

Reset to Factory Setting


When you wish to choose the default settings, click [Reset to Factory Setting].