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Master Test Plates

A pair of Test Plates constitutes the master standard for curvature and/or perfect flatness. Spherical Test Plates consist of a concave and convex pair, while Flat Test Plates are comprised of three flat plate units.

Production Test Plates

A set of Test Plates is used for inspection of lens elements at the production line. It is replicated from the master. As the pertinent surface sustains wear and tear and/or damage after a period of use, a precisely replicated replacement is produced from the very same master.


TAMRON's Test Plates are produced in conformity with tolerances as specified below:

Category Diameter Surface Accuracy
Radius Tolerance
Spherical Test Plates 1mm~150mm 200mm以下 ±0.02%
201mm~500mm ±0.03%
501mm~3000mm ±0.05%
3001mm~6000mm ±0.1%
6001mm~9999mm ±0.2%
10000mm~19999mm ±200m/m
20000mm~29999mm ±300m/m
30000mm~39999mm ±500m/m
40000mm以上 TBD
Flat Test Plates 5mm~300mm

*Product curvature values were found at TAMRON.
*Let us know in advance if you will be confirming curvature precision at your business after product delivery.



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