Notice about 150-500mm F/5-6.7 Di III VC VXD (Model A057)
for FUJIFILM X-mount

Check if your product is affected or not

Please enter the serial number of your lens (6-digit number) and click the check button.

  • Location of your lens serial number (6-digit number)

Serial No. Error

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Result of Serial number check

Your product was not affected.

We apologize for having troubled you.
We appreciate your continued support for our products.

Result of Serial number check

There is a possibility that your product is affected by this phenomenon.

Please check shooting at the wide end (focal length 150mm) at infinity, and if the lens does not focus, your lens is the affected one. Please follow the instruction below.

If the focus works correctly, your lens is not affected.
There is no concern, please be assured that lens is not an eligible product.

For users residing outside of Japan
Please contact your nearest Tamron subsidiary/distributor.

For users residing in Japan
Please send your product to the address below.

■Sending Address
Tamron Co., Ltd.
ATTN: A057X returns (Serial No. XXXXXX*)
1385 Hasunuma, Minuma-ku, Saitama-shi,
Saitama 337-8556, JAPAN
TEL 0570-03-7070

  • Please write down the serial number of your product.

Please include the followings when you send your product.

  • Warranty Card
  • Memo of your address and TEL number for returning
  • Email address (to contact you when we received your product)
  • Front cap, Rear cap, Lens hood