SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD F045 NIKON F firmware update

* With TAP-in Console
You can easily update to the latest firmware versions with the TAP-in Console.
When the lens is connected to the TAP-in Console that is linked with your computer,
you can check whether there is the latest firmware version.
If there is newer version available, you can update to it.

For the steps for updating the firmware with the use of the TAP-in Console and other details, click here >> Online Help

* If you do not have a TAP-in Console
Please contact your nearest Tamron Distributor.
For a list of Tamron Distributors, click here.

Update Information

Version Details Last Update Latest Firmware
2 This update improves the following issues on the Nikon D6:

1. AF does not work when the camera power is turned on after mounting the lens with the camera power off.
2. AF does not work when the camera returns from sleep mode.

Updated Serial Number: 007075 or later
July 15, 2020
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