Glass molded optical lens with special form

inflection point (seagull wing shaped lens processing)

  • inflection point (seagull wing shaped lens processing)
  • Various cameras, such as wearable cameras and surveillance cameras, need a higher accurate aberration correction due to image sensor’s high pixilation.

    Curved shaped aspherical lenses made by grinding and molding are used for correcting lens aberration.

    Changing the point on the ark on curved surface, which is called inflection point, does not exist in general glass molded aspherical lenses and only one lens has a limited ability to correct aberration.

    Tamron realized the manufacturing of special formed glass optical molded lens having inflection point which effectively correct a distortion aberration of wide-angle lens and a field curvature aberration of high-resolution lens. In addition to a highly precise forming, one of the features is that general glass materials are acceptable.

    Tamron realizes a high quality and stable manufacturing by collaborating highly technical lens design and molding technology and makes it applicable to a wide variety of application.

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