Optical VC (Vibration Compensation) system

Design systems thoroughly

  • Design systems thoroughly
  • There are three types for compensating the camera-shake and Tamron’s Vibration Compensation system is based on optical technology consisting of a three-axis voice coil motor, a position sensing hall sensor and gyro-sensor for detecting angular vibration.

    Compensating the vibration can not be realized with a motor independently. Lens capable of having optical compensation is executed with feedback control responding to an angular velocity from gyro sensor and the imaging performance is maintaining while shooting.

    Tamron design thoroughly the three developments “VC mechanism (ACT) development including optical design”, “Sensor signal processing circuit technology”, and “Control software development” and realize a fine drive and stopping accuracy in micron order.

    With a unique AI algorithm, Tamron engage in a seamless Vibration Compensation corresponding to various shooting conditions. Moreover, a variable optical axis (beam bending) is possible by utilizing VC technology.

    From now on, utilizing the VC technology is in our view to be widely used such as wearable devices, a long- distance monitoring devices and a moving equipment such as robot.


Actuator Technology