Ultrasonic motors (USD, PZD)

High torque and controllability linked with optics

  • High torque and controllability linked with optics
  • USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) and PZD (Piezo Drive) used in Tamron’s AF (autofocus) lens are independently developed.

    Tamron worked to create an original actuator and it became the first company in the world to succeed in applying an actuator with piezoelectric ceramics elements to a lens drive, thus original AF lenses have been developed and released.

    Ultrasonic motors having high torque, superior quietness and high holding force under a non-energized state, is not affected by magnetic force. While utilizing the characteristics Tamron realized significant volume reduction compared to the previous actuator structure.

    Tamron has achieved great optimizations with optics by developing original control circuits and software that are able to fully derive ultrasonic motor’s performance.


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