Resin cylindrical lens (Array available)

Lightweight cylindrical lens

  • Resin cylindrical lens (Array available)
  • Cylindrical lenses (cylinder lenses) with semicylinder-shape that convert laser beam into laser light sheet are mainly used in optical equipment that require an accurate detection of object distance, position, and shape.

    Tamron developed the aspherical cylindrical lens on both sides with lightweight resin to meet the needs of weight saving optical equipment. In addition to using highly precise molds with submicron tolerances, we also use our own original measurement algorithm to ensure highly accurate eccentricity (shift amount) on both sides.

    Visible to SWIR range is available by selecting an appropriate resin material for a specified wavelength.

    This cylindrical lens is suitable for optical equipment and measuring apparatus requiring a high accuracy as well as lightweight properties. This technology can also be applied to microlens array.


Resin Forming/Molding Technology