Our Activities
Aiming to be a company that creates value for the future, we have set goals that are compatible with both social sustainability and sustainable corporate growth. We are also strengthening activities for a decarbonized society and human resource development.

Decarbonization (Environmental Vision 2050)

To build a fulfilling society, Tamron formulated Environmental Vision 2050, which outlines the long-term direction of Tamron's environmental initiatives.
"Environmental Vision 2050"

Resource recycling

In order to create a sustainable society without depleting limited resources, we need to create a "circulation-based society" in which we produce with few resources and energy , reduce waste, and reuse resources. It is possible.
Tamron works on 3R which are reduction of raw materials and waste (Reduce), to reuse materials and water can be used repeatedly(Reuse), and recycling waste as material (Recycle), for circulating resources efficiently.

Active Employees
(Work-Life Balance)

Tamron employs a diverse workforce at its domestic and overseas business sites in order to deliver products and service that satisfy its customers around the world. We are committed to providing workplaces that are motivating based on fair assessments and compensation and mutual understanding, with the ultimate goal of being a rewarding place to work so that our people can thrive professionally and support the growth of the company.