Solution to Social Issues by the Optical Technologies

Without global preservation, companies will unable to achieve stable and continual growth. To achieve sustained growth in the future, it will be important for Tamron to contribute to the global environment and society through corporate activities based on the optical technologies cultivated since its founding. Tamron’s products are intertwined with society in various ways. Surveillance lenses help achieve a safe society in which people can live with peace of mind by watching over society as a whole. With advances in autonomous driving, the growing market for automotive lenses will help realize a society with few traffic accidents. Lenses for medical use contribute to a healthy society by lightening the burden during surgery and speeding up recovery. Meanwhile photographic lenses, our core products, excite emotion and hold the power to gratify people when they look back on amazing photos.

On the other hand, in the process of creating products, we impose no small burden on the global environment.
With a reduction of 3.5% in 2019, we failed to reach our goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 3.8% compared to 2016 levels on a unit sale basis, but I still believe that being able to reduce CO2 on an absolute basis was a major achievement. Based on the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, an international framework to address climate change issues, countries around the world are strengthening efforts to tackle climate change. There is also a growing recognition that climate change poses a major issue to corporate growth due to the uptick in abnormal weather phenomena such as localized torrential rains and typhoons.

For its part, Tamron is also considering strategies and measures towards the realization of a decarbonized society based on a recognition that our own sustainable growth lies in a sustainable society. We have set "Environmental Vision 2050" in which the basic unit of sales is changed to an absolute reduction target. By 2050, we will reduce CO2 emissions from our corporate activities by 80% compared to 2015 by energy-saving and introducing renewable energy.

We will conduct marketing activities attuned to the idea that business opportunities lie in solutions to social issues, create technologies and products that are responsiveto social issues and needs, and contribute to the realization of a fulfilling society in which people can live with peace of mind and be moved by our products.

President & CEO
Tamron Co., Ltd.
Shiro Ajisaka